"After listening nightly, while sleeping, to 'Frequencies of Thought', my potassium level went from borderline low to halfway range. Now I don't have to take potassium tablets. I just listen to 'Frequencies of Thought!'"  
Mahalo nui loa,  
Jackie O.  
Kapolei, Hawaii


 April 21, 2014 
"Elaine and I really enjoyed reading the prophetic words regarding the PTOE albums and for your kind email too. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I personally have experienced very deep sleep whilst playing the 'Frequencies of Thought' album, I have degenerative disc disease with a trapped nerve and no reflexes in my left leg. When playing this album my body feels at rest from pain and I encounter the deepest sleep going! Another example is today, my two sons were arguing with each other and I subtly put the album on in the background, arguing disappeared and even my eldest son (17yrs) said he felt a change in himself from listening to the music.  

I thought I would pass this along to you and hope it further encourages you. I'm using the music to soak under and literally feel vibrations through my body and my mind, the vibrations soothe my soul and my spirit and bring a deep sense of rest to my body." 

April 25, 2014 
"When I started using the 'Frequencies of Thought' and 'Frequencies of the Heart' albums I was walking with a stick and having chiropractic treatment for degenerative disc disease. At that time I had no reflexes in my left leg and had a trapped nerve also with nerve damage in my spine.  

Since listening to both these albums my pain (which I was taking two types of morphine for) has decreased by 60% and I am no longer using a walking stick. I attribute the reduction in pain to literally bathing myself in your albums, playing them all night and all day. Praise the Lord. I'm hoping to go back to work soon as I've been off work for six weeks.  

This is amazing, I have such less pain I can bend like I used to!  

Thank you so much for your healing albums!"


June 20, 2014 
"Hi John! No pain in my back at all! I've now come off my Tramadol which is a major achievement. id been on it ten (yes 10) years! Now got a reduction plan with my doctor to come off short acting and long acting morphine! Hallelujah! I play your music everyday in a psychiatric ward!" 
Ade T. 
United Kingdom


"I wanted to thank you for your music. I was at your presentation last week with an aching, clicking left jaw that had been steadily getting worse. It eventually started on the right also so I was pretty concerned. 

I had the opportunity to listen to your music with the discs that amplify the frequencies ('Frequencies of Life' CD). After less than 10 minutes my jaw completely went back to normal! No pain, no clicking ... at home I used 'Frequencies of Creation' during my prayer/meditation time and my nagging upper back pain also dissolved. I often hear of this kind of thing happening to other people so I'm grateful I could experience it for myself with your healing music.

Thank you so much for developing and sharing your gift John!" 
Denise H. 
Honolulu, Hawaii


"John I've noticed that the more I listen to the CD ('Frequencies of Life'), it's like my cells are vibrating! It's like I feel SO ALIVE! I'm asking The Lord for good descriptive words for this feeling.... It really is 'hearing Life!' My body is responding to these 'sounds of Life.' It's as if it is 'consuming' the sound... 'recording' the sound somehow I feel the sounds dancing with my DNA..."  
Dawn E.  
Athens, Alabama


"This ('Solfeggio Frequencies') CD is like non other...there are no words in it, it is spiritual, it will touch your spirit, free you and it will move your spirit into worship effortless. Can't explain it any other way! ...It isn't just listening to music, IT IS experiencing music, in your body and spirit. Never have I experienced what I do when I listen to this music straight from heaven!!!!" 
Malinda M. 
Micco, Florida


"Thoroughly enjoying the Solfeggio music and observing that it brings amazing deep, restful, long sleep as I've been playing it all day and night in my bedroom.  It plays quietly and I also use earplugs when sleeping so my body is immersed in the healing frequencies.  My favourite track is 'Love Is All Around Us (528Hz).'  Deep gratitude to you John Tussey." 
Louise M.   
Auckland, New Zealand


"In July I injured my left knee. I'm really not sure what I did to it but it was causing me to limp and began to swell. At times it would "catch" or even "scrape" causing me to flinch and react quickly to change position. I was icing it and keeping it up. Dawn had been teaching me how to decree and declare healing over myself and she and Jonna had been praying for my knee. I went to the Dr. and he wanted to put me on some medication that would raise my BP-an anti-inflammatory. I did not want to take it because of the side affects of the BP. So I didn't. I babied it as much as possible, but since I am up and down the stairs all day it was hard to really sit still and let it heal. I had a recheck at the Dr. and he was going to send me to get an MRI and to see an orthopedic Dr. I really didn't want to do that. It didn't feel "right." Dawn sent me your ('Frequencies of Thought') CD and you told me to put the CD player right on my knee so I would absorb the frequencies of the music. I did this several times for several days-also listening to the music as much as possible. My knee began to feel better a little more each day. So much in fact that last week I was able to hike Wolf Rock Mountain in NC, which is very steep and rooted. Not an easy trail by any means. I took my time, had no problems-up or down- was just very tired and happy that I could do that hike. It was like a victory hike for me! Prayer, anointing, music and faith = healing! Sometimes we have to walk in our healing and this means doing something about it! We decree and declare Jesus over every step and we add healing music, oil and other things . Every piece of the healing is an act of faith! I called the ortho Dr. last Friday and cancelled my appointment. When they asked why I said, "because the Lord healed my knee!" They said "what?" I said it again and just laughed ! This has saved us insurance costs, testing costs, treatment costs, etc.. I have also lost 8 pounds without really trying. I am beginning to wonder if the music has something to do with that also!!!!! I will keep you posted on that also! I need to lose a lot more- so this has made me very happy!"  
Donna G.  
Blue Ridge, Virginia

"The first time I played this CD ('Frequencies of Life') was before bedtime.  I only had time to listen to 1/2 of the album. I noticed an increase in my oxygen level.  I could breathe deeply and correctly again. I had undisturbed sleep through the night.
My aunty was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in Oct 2011.  One of the symptoms was depression.   
 She listened to the CD all day; carried the CD player throughout her house.   In the evening she called to thank me for the CD.  She wasn't depressed anymore.  She spoke with a perky smile in her voice.
My mother has no hearing in her right ear.  Profound hearing loss in her left ear. After her mild heart attack she was prescribed more pills.  I was determined to get her off of synthetic medication.  A few days prior to her blood test, I used the CD as therapy.  Tests results were good.  Her doctor decreased the dosages of her pre-diabetes and cholesterol pills by half."
Vicki L.
Honolulu, Hawaii
"I listened to this CD ('Frequencies of Creation') while reading a book prior to bedtime.  As I listened, pain in different parts of my body left.
My oxygen level increased.  I had a restful night's sleep.  Woke up alert & energized -- did not have the usual morning headache.  
After suffering one week with a stress headache, that I went to bed with & woke up with, I finally put on the CD. I only had time to listen to half, but that was enough to remove the pain so I could conquer the day.  
I've been a 24/7 care giver for my mother for a few years.  After her fall, heart attack & pacemaker implant in 2010, my focus was on getting her healthy and well again.  Possibly, due to my lack of socialization, I (not my mother) experienced cognitive skills impairment.  I had great difficulty in expressing myself verbally and in written form.  Sometimes I couldn't even go beyond speaking or writing 2 sentences coherently.  Thankfully, through ministering prayer and listening to the 'Frequencies of Creation' many times, my communication abilities have greatly improved.  
This CD has similar effects to 'Serenity' CD.  It helps to clear out the day's clutter from my mind to plan and prioritize my tasks and responsibilities for the next day & beyond."
Vicki L.
Honolulu, Hawaii


"This music is a true gift from our amazing God!  My husband and I have felt unbelievably good while listening to this music...light as a feather and it seems as though every cell is alive and being rejuvenated. There is a tangible peace in the atmosphere whenever it plays, and a definite GOOD vibration felt throughout our bodies. 'Solfeggio Frequencies' is my favorite of all the “Frequency” CD's John has made.  It is absolutely delightful to listen to.  There's so much I don't understand but that's okay...I'm a believer! Everyone needs to get this music to see for themselves how wonderful it can make them feel!"

Lori Ayer 
Lakeside, Arizona
"Hey John......took your suggestion! WOW....POW....ZING.....HAHAAAAA. 
I listened to 'Frequencies of Life' and 'Serenity'!!!! Boy did that calm me down. I feel so much better....PRAISE THE LORD! MY ANXIETY LEVEL DROPPED IMMEDIATELY. MY BREATHING WAS NORMAL AND FEAR LEFT ME. PEACE AND CALM FILLED MY SPIRIT. MY HEART RATE, WHICH WAS FIBRILLATING OUT OF CONTROL, IS NOW BEATING MORE NORMALLY. THANK YOU JESUS. John, you can use my testimony here for your CD's if you wish. People should be aware of the calming spirit of your music. Thank you so much my dear friend."
Sharrel S. 
Honolulu, Hawaii


Disclaimer: The information shared about the music on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA. The information, music and CD's mentioned and displayed on this site are not meant for diagnosing, treating or curing sicknesses and diseases of any kind. The experiences shared on this site are shared by real people who have had real experiences. These are not intended to be nor are they health claims.




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Disclaimer: The information shared about the music on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA. The information, music and CD's mentioned and displayed on this site are not meant for diagnosing, treating or curing sicknesses and diseases of any kind. The experiences shared on this site are shared by real people who have had real experiences. These are not intended to be nor are they health claims.




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- See more at: http://www.johntussey.com/index#sthash.kHU7UHwW.dpuf

"I am an elective teacher at a local high school in Honolulu. I have three active classes of approximately 90 plus 7th-12th grade students per day...I play soft music while a variety of photos is being displayed on the large screen.

This semester I started playing John Tussey’s anointed instrumental music during our classes. So far, I have played the 'Peaceful Place' and 'Frequencies of Life.' What we are experiencing is a wonderful calm within the classroom. Normally, it can be very hectic the first week of a new semester, however, so far the class has been transformed into a wonderful, peaceful environment.. My first impression of how the students are responding to this anointed music is that of 'profound respect.' Students have been focused, productive, engaged and extremely respectful of the surroundings. I believe this amazing music will make a profound difference in many of the students. Personally, I feel less stressed and very comfortable with how this semester is unfolding...I plan to play this anointed music everyday within this classroom. I am expecting wonderful, lasting results."  


"I played John's music to my garden last year and this year we have monster sized tomato plants and squash that is coming out our ears." 
Roslyn K.  
Paradise, CA


"...I have had muscular/nerve pain in my legs of which immediately improved from the first time I listened to your 'Frequencies of DNA' CD while falling to sleep and it continues to improve. I have also been in the healing process of adrenal fatigue which sent me to the hospital a little over a year ago and I am seeing real progress there as well. Good, deep sleep is really important to healing the adrenals and I find God is blessing me each night with this (especially when I listen to your frequency music). I have more energy which is huge as we have 5 children and I home-school them all. This music God has given you is huge! I pray people everywhere begin to take notice of the power in it to bless us spiritually, physically and emotionally..."  
Shelly E.  
Ocala, Florida


 "We play your music during the day while I'm home schooling my little 10 year old. ('Frequencies of DNA' CD) The other day I forgot to turn it on and my little guy was fidgety and told me he couldn't do his work because the music wasn't on."  
Trish D.  
Indianapolis, Indiana


"I recently received John Tussey's CD, 'Frequencies Of Abundance'. I must share with you, I have known about frequencies for a long time, however John has brought it to us in a most extraordinary way, through his amazing God-given gift of music. He has recorded the music with the frequencies of the Periodic Table of elements. I have never heard anything like it! As I listen, every cell...yes, every cell in my body responds to the frequencies! I experience extreme peacefulness. Any tension in my body literally melts away! Knee pain has ceased. Inflammation in my joints is healing. And as I continue to listen to these healing frequencies, I believe I will have more testimony! I believe God is using John's music to bless and heal people. And as a side-note, I have noticed, the plants I have sitting in the room where I listen to this music, are also responding! I have seen the leaves gently move and they are thriving! All of Creation responds to Frequency. I highly recommend obtaining John Tussey's CD, 'Frequencies Of Abundance'. Sit, lay, walk...listen...you will be blessed."  
Jeanette S.  
Forest, Virginia


"'Frequencies of Abundance' is my most favorite CD. I listen to it almost every night. It helps me to sleep soundly. I've noticed that each time I play this CD while resting, I discover new sound. This music truly does emanate from the eternal realm!

"I also would like to share a testimony regarding a friend of mine who experiences Panic Disorder. She specifically sought my help while experiencing an episode. During this time I began to play your 'Frequencies of Abundance' CD with the personal knowledge that this anointed music would fill her with a certain peace. And it did just that! Her panic immediately turned in to peace!"  
Donna N.  
Lansing, MI


Disclaimer: The information shared about the music on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA. The information, music and CD's mentioned and displayed on this site are not meant for diagnosing, treating or curing sicknesses and diseases of any kind. The experiences shared on this site are shared by real people who have had real experiences. These are not intended to be nor are they health claims.











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