John speaks at conferences, seminars and on webinars. He has much to share about music, frequencies, sound and vibration. If you would like to have John speak at your event, please contact him using the CONTACT Menu. Since 1999, John has spoken in Hawaii, California, Washington, Idaho, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Philippines. He has also taught on several webinars.




John's current keynote messages are: "Discovering the Creative Genius of God in You" and "Sound, Frequency and Vibration." These life-changing messages have conferences built around them. Please contact John for more information about this.



John has been teaching piano and music theory for more than 20 years. He also teaches improvisation, composition, orchestration, piano arranging and rearranging, choral arranging and rhythm pattern studies. Within the area of music theory, John specializes in teaching chord building, a variety of ways to create chord progressions, chord substitution and chord progression development. Gleaning from years of professional band playing experience, John also teaches how to play keyboards with a band.


John offers "Contemporary Music Theory Seminars" where he teaches:

1. Chord Building in Depth
2. Methods for Creating Chord Progressions and Tools for Composition including Diatonic Harmony, Circle of 5ths, Chromatic Harmony, 2-5-1, Extended Chords, Pivot Tones, Substitute Chords, Altered Chords, Quartal Harmony, Etc.
3. Methods for Improvising
4. Creating the Sounds of Rock, Blues, Gospel and Jazz
5. Using Chord Charts

6. Playing Effective Background Music (Padding)


His seminars are packed with practical, rich musical knowledge gleaned from 10 years of amazing instruction with a professional musician/composer/arranger in Delaware as well as personal study and working with a number of music professionals in Hawaii.

In addition to being a keyboard recording artist, professional musician, composer, arranger and educator, John is also a public speaker and performer.

John has been involved in music ministry for more than 40 years and would love to come and share his gifts of music and speaking at your church, event, seminar or conference.

John has much to share about the Periodic Table of Elements music and also does demonstrations with these sounds using plasma projectors.

To contact John, please call (808) 4970-1512 or send an email to



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