My Story...Introduction to and Recording with

Frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements

and Testimonies from Listeners


In 2008, I started listening to teaching CD's by a man named David Van Koevering who lives in Cleveland, Tennessee. More than once, he talked about an instrument that produced the frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements. This immediately caught my attention and the desire was planted in my heart to use this technology. David's teachings were captivating as he shared fascinating things about the realm of quantum physics - things that I had never heard before. I listened intently to his CD's for 7 months, being very intrigued with his teachings. Later that year, I spoke to his wife Becky on the phone and after getting her approval, mailed two of my keyboard instrumental CD's, “Serenity” and “Flowing” to David. David Van Koevering is a quantum physicist, an inventor (he invented the technology that preceded our CD's and DVD's – writing data on film), a musicologist and a visionary. He worked with Robert Moog who invented the Moog synthesizer over a period of 40 years. David created the market for the Moog synthesizer, taking it across the US and into 27 countries. He also contributed toward its continuing development. That instrument forever changed the music industry. David invented a keyboard instrument called the Orchestron in 1980 and with a team of 124 employees developed the Van Koevering Touch-Screen Interactive Piano in 2000, which Bill Gates made note of as being the most sophisticated use of Windows he had seen up to that time. This instrument has 636 patents on it. David Van Koevering obviously holds a very significant place in the history of music technology. 

On May 11, 2009 at 6:09am, David called me and shared some extremely encouraging words about the recorded music I had sent him. He told me that his music room contained 14 one foot stacks of albums and that my “Serenity” CD was beyond any of them. In June, 2009 while here on Oahu, he told me that my “Flowing” CD was his favorite piano/synthesizer recording of all time and gave me a handwritten endorsement for it. I felt highly honored as David has worked with keyboard legends Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman and Stevie Wonder along with many other well-known musicians from the '60's, '70's and '80's. During the phone conversation on May 11th, David also shared that he wanted to overlay frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements onto the “Serenity” CD for the purpose of healing. WOW! This is more than I originally desired! I am now actually going to be able to play and record with the technology that I heard David speak about while listening to his teaching CD's in 2008! And, I am going to be recording these CD's for the purpose of healing, which is near and dear to my heart. David and I are both Christians whose belief systems are strongly rooted in the Bible. The scriptures teach that healing is for today – for the spirit, soul and body. This is how my exciting journey with the frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements began. 

When David and his wife Becky came here in June, July and October 2009, he mentored me regarding how to record with these frequencies – to have them embedded in music with long sustained tones. We also spoke of the possibilities for where the CD's would be sold and how far they would reach into the world. 

In 2011, I learned how to use the technology with the PTOE frequencies. The inventor of the technology consulted with physicists to ensure accuracy. I am confident these are accurate frequencies of the PTOE because of the many testimonies I have received from those who have listened to my CD's. 

As of 2020, I have recorded 10 CD's with these frequencies: “Frequencies of Life” in 2011 with 9 PTOE frequencies, “Frequencies of Creation” in 2011 with 36 frequencies, “Frequencies of the Heart” in 2012 with 20 frequencies, "Frequencies of Thought" in 2013 with 17 frequencies, "Frequencies of Oxygen and Nature" released on Rosh Hashanah in 2014, "Frequencies of DNA" in 2016 with the 5 element frequencies of DNA, "Frequencies of Abundance" in 2016 with the 11 abundant human elements, "Frequencies of Silver and Gold" in 2018, "Frequencies of Ascension - Peaceful Place" in 2019, with the frequency of Oxygen and "Frequencies of Abundance 2 - Deep Resonance" in 2020, with the 11 abundant human elements. I use only the frequencies of the PTOE found in the human body. These albums are recorded to promote health and wellness and can be purchased as physical CD's and digital downloads at Bandcamp. 

David Van Koevering gave me a set of plasma projectors during his second trip here for the purpose of enhancing the experience with the music recorded with the PTOE frequencies. These small projectors turn the frequencies being played or spoken close to them into electrical energy. Some amazing things have happened during the meetings I have held with this technology. 

During meetings where I have used the plasma projectors along with the “Frequencies of Life” CD and "Frequencies of Thought" CD, some have been relieved of physical ailments - migraine headaches, TMJ and sciatica pain have gone. Some have felt tingling and prickly sensations, warmth, rushing feelings inside their bodies as well as having other tangible experiences. Some people feel things happening within their bodies even without the use of the plasmas. A woman from Spokane, WA told me it felt like all the cells in her body were vibrating after listening to this CD only one time. A woman from Honolulu, HI told me she feels better in the morning after playing this CD through the night. Another lady in Honolulu told me she was breathing noticeably better after listening to the CD. A lady in Wilmington, DE told me she felt a gentle vibrating like bubbles inside and also experienced a floating sensation. I have also received many other testimonies. People are having some phenomenal experiences with these frequencies! 

I am grateful and feel honored to be the one introducing this music to the people of Hawaii for the first time as well as being a forerunner with this kind of music. I am very thankful for many testimonies coming in from listeners around the world. 

John Tussey 

On January 30, 2018, David Van Koevering went to be with The Lord in eternal glory. I shall always be grateful for the impartation I received from him to impact the world with frequenices of life.

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