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Music to bring healing, peace and tranquility.

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UPDATE: I am very glad to share - those in the U.S. have two options for purchasing music directly from me. I take credit card orders over the phone as well as PayPal orders from those who already have an account set up there. If you would like to use one of these options to purchase my CD's, please contact me at (808) 497-1512 or  

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John Tussey


Solfeggio Frequencies 3 

My newest instrumental soundscape album!

This album is a fresh, new release of soothing, healing, peace-filled sounds. The experience will be like taking a massage from the inside out. Healing sounds for the nations. This album is destined to touch the masses. ~John Tussey

Available NOW on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.


Majestic Flow, Instrumental soundscape album! 

The music on this album represents a captivating and triumphant musical journey, transcending from expansive, panoramic soundscapes to gentle, ethereal dreamscapes. I recorded more piano on this album than I usually do on a soundscape project and am very pleased with how it turned out. ~John Tussey


Released April 2021

Frequencies of Freedom, synthesizer soundscape album. 

Spiritual, ethereal, ambient, easy-listening, spatial and atmospheric are descriptives for the 12 tracks on this album. Emotions evoked while listening are deep and wide and many times, with no words to describe. 

You will experience frequency cellular infusion while listening to this music. These tracks are embedded with element frequencies to support healthy blood glucose levels and immunity. The frequencies of Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Germanium, Vanadium, Chromium, Zinc, Iron, Copper and Selenium are embedded in the music on this album.

May you experience the love and peace of God as you listen to the heaven-inspired music on this CD, and get infused!

With aloha shalom,



Released December 2020

Contemporary Keyboard Expressions, my newest piano album has several genres and styles, most of which I haven’t recorded since my “Christmas Impressions” album in 2009. The wide variety of musical expressions included are: rock, pop, blues, contemporary jazz, country, easy-listening and ambient. The music on this album was composed between 1978 and 2020. I hope you immensely enjoy the sounds on Contemporary Keyboard Expressions!With aloha,John


Released January 2020

Frequencies of Abundance 2 - Deep Resonance is an atmospheric, spatial, ambient musical adventure into wide open places of serene delight. The sound palettes are warm, inviting and embracing. I chose sounds I have not used before in my recordings, using some of the finest synthesized, orchestral and piano sound libraries available, bringing an amazing musical experience to each listener. I am very pleased with the fresh, sonic atmosphere created by these tones.

Frequency cellular infusion takes place while listening to this music. The frequencies of the 11 abundant human elements, as seen in the track titles, are embedded in this music. The soundscapes are pure sonic bliss and carry these frequencies into your cells. You will greatly enjoy this experience while being transported to places of great wonder and peace.

Check out the sound samples and get your copy today! You will love spending hours listening to this collection of heavenly soundscapes. Come and take a journey that you will love!

~John Tussey 


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Aloha! and welcome from the beautiful state of Hawaii! Thank you for visiting my site. Please stay awhile and take a look around.

I am a music pioneer and forerunner and have been recording music embedded with frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements to help in promoting health and wellness since March 2011 - Frequencies of Life, Frequencies of Creation, Frequencies of the Heart, Frequencies of Thought, Frequencies of Oxygen and Nature, Frequencies of DNAFrequencies of AbundanceFrequencies of Silver and GoldFrequencies of Ascension - Peace PlaceFrequencies of Abundance 2 - Deep Resonance and Frequencies of Freedom. Albums recorded at 432Hz - Majestic Journey and Contemporary Keyboard Expressions. The solfeggio frequencies - 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz and 852Hz are on the Solfeggio Frequencies, Solfeggio Frequencies 2 - Crystal Blue Renaissance and Solfeggio Frequencies 3 albums. Piano Embrace 444, Serenity 444 Flowing 444 and Majestic Flow are recorded at 444Hz.    

My music is being used for relaxation and de-stressing, to calm children in schools, to help babies, children and adults as a sleep aid, background music in homes and businesses and during prayer times and quiet times. I invite those with sleep problems and PTSD to take a listen to sound samples, believing this music will help you relax.

I have many CD's available and invite you to take a look at them by clicking on the "Buy John's Music" menu above. Physical CD's and digital downloads are available at Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon. Please take a listen to samples of my music with the Periodic Table of Elements.

Again, thank you for visiting! 

Disclaimer: The information shared about the music on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA. The information, music and CD's mentioned and displayed on this site are not meant for diagnosing, treating or curing sicknesses and diseases of any kind. The experiences shared on this site are shared by real people who have had real experiences. These are not intended to be nor are they health claims.





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Solfeggio Frequencies 3

John Tussey

This album is a fresh release of soothing, peace-filled sounds. The experience will be like taking a massage from the inside out. Healing sounds for mind and soul.
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