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Still enjoying your music after all these years. Thank you and God bless you!
I am about to order some of John's CDs after hearing this Heavenly music during his visit to my church The Gathering Place located in Albany, Louisiana. My husband and I will be playing these CDs while we sleep. I can't wait.
Love your music! I can feel my whole body respond to it, the funny thing is My body almost starts to almost jolt when potassium sounds plays. Why would that be?
I so appreciate you. Someone who is moving forward in bringing heaven to earth! A true heavanian! As Kat would say! Love the sweet sounds of the melodies you play! Bliss to you John Tussey!
I so appreciate you. Someone who is moving forward in bringing heaven to earth! A true heavanian! As Kat would say! Love the sweet sounds of the melodies you play! Bliss to you John Tussey!
Thank you so much for sharing all the revelations that God has revealed to you John. It is exciting what God is doing in these days to bring us closer to Him and to make us more like Christ. God bless you and your ministry.
That little sample was beautiful; wow!
our Lord is wonderful, amazing story of how God puts together the gift that is in us. I was shocked to hear that you visit Media, PA, near Tyler Aboretum; as i just moved from living there for over 40 years; going to Lancaster PA. I lived 1 mile from where you friends live. How good to hear a good report about Media. I have loved the woods and ocean, and open water my whole life. so good to hear of the vibrations that come from the woods. A woman chemist in Germany during the 2nd world war spoke against margerine and had similar testimony regarding the forest. I am part of Webinar, Soaring222 and heard you speak. I have wanted to play an instrument and hope the DNA restoration will put me on the healing path regarding our creative genius. Mine was under attack as a child. Thank you. Hope to meet you some day.
Hi John, I so need this music Frequencies of Life, heart, thought, and creation. I will start with frequencies of thought first, and get one every month until I have your whole collection of spiritual music. After getting your email through face book, I've research a little on frequency/sound. I pray to get closer to my Heavenly Father, I believe music and singing brings joy to The Father. Thanks Again!
I just discovered you on iTunes! What a gift your music is. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. My being is flooded with emotion when I listen to your music. Thank you so much!
Wow..Thank you John for taking the time put all of this together. I will be contacting you in the near future concerning a God given Idea that involves your area of study. For now I just want to Bless you snd thank you, Kimrey
very nice submit, i definitely love this website, keep on it bdcgbedfkfeb
bless you John as you have been gifted with many talents may the Lord use this all for his Glory God bless you richly
Lovely site! Thank you for Sharing! Excited for the progression of Healing Frequencies.. Aloha!
I looooooove your music!!!!! (And so does my kitty!!!!) :)
I pray that your website is visited by a multitude of souls - and your music serve as the manna that it is -- trails of the bread of LIFE that the sound embodies.
Thank you so much for your beautiful peaceful anointed music that enters the depth of a soul & enables the spirit to fully worship in spirit & truth. Deep to deep, personalized to your DNA.
Hi John, I wanted you to know I use your CD, Frequencies of Life, when I am ministering to people with essential oils doing trauma releases for them. They feel relaxed and at peace when I am done and feel just like they have been to a spa. Your music is so beautiful but also so healing, thank you. I can't wait for you to come here so people can meet the man behind this awesome music.
awesome website. Very pretty and informative. Looking forward to more dates on the calendar. I am working on the wording of my testimony regarding this music.