Experience the sounds of "Soaring!"

"Soaring" is a piano and synthesizer instrumental CD recorded to impart an uplifting, encouraging musical experience into your life. The sounds will take you to a variety of places - excitement, flowing dance, peace and tranquility, rest, wonder and hope. I have included 2 Bach preludes at the beginning of the CD to start your journey. The first prelude is flowing and gentle, the second is energetic and exciting. After that piece, your journey changes and flows more with the feel of a dance of freedom, then changes again to more ambient, relaxing synth sounds and at the end, two beautiful piano pieces to finish your journey in such a way that you are ready to listen all over again. I hope that you enjoy every minute of experiencing the music of "Soaring." The frequency of Oxygen is embedded in "Oxygen Odyssey" and the frequency of Carbon is embedded in "Through the Clouds."